Recently, in Washington, DC

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Toy soldier, Bloomingdale.
"Wisdom," Logan Circle
"Ay, man, why you ain't take no picture of me - I'm a star." Petworth
One of the few, rare good-looking contemporary residences. U Street.
Grannies, Petworth.
Beef yum. Beau Thai, Shaw.
Palettes, Bloomingdale.
Infill, U Street.
American flag, Petworth
Costumes, Columbia Heights
Rowhouses, Petworth
"The Monique." Truxton Circle
LA (!!) Nails. Park View
Capitol View. Columbia Heights/U Street border area
Dutch-influenced rowhomes, Columbia Heights
Dog and kids, Bloomingdale
First Street rowhouses, Bloomingdale

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