Baltimore: A Continuation

Friday, October 14, 2011

Neatly-preserved rows of Federalist buildings, Mt. Vernon
A curious Indian shopkeeper, Hamden
Tri-level rowhouses, Charles Village
Spanish-influenced rowhouses in a hilly section of Druid Hill
Man spraypainting car, Northwest Baltimore
A ghetto fixture, West Baltimore
"Man, musta been 30 people in the last month done asked to take my picture." Eastern Ave, Fells Point
True Grit, West Baltimore
Gaia's double raven piece on the Edgar Allen Poe Homes. Fayette Street, SW Baltimore
Baltimore's grand, domed City Hall. Tommy Carcetti! Clay Davis!
Halloween decorations, Hamden
Limestone and Marble architecture, Mt. Vernon
Fells Point
Two cats, Northwest Baltimore
American Pizza and Wings, Hamden
Oppulence, Mt. Vernon
Big Boyz, Fells Point

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