Sunday, March 7, 2010

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    awesome blog awesome photos, so gglad someone out there is documenting the "other" LA or the real LA as I see it.

    flickr name: skellum


    the KITTY shot [awwwwwsoooome]
    the beach scenery is cool too.
    great iphonography ;)


    thats the Lost Souls cafe!

    Downtown LA is the best.

    I walk those streets every day, wish i had a camera


    Thanks, everybody.

    Skellum: Sweet; I've added you to my Flickr contact list. And as for your comment: yep, I try my best to show the city for everything it is and nothing it isn't.

    Miste.jackson: Hey, thanks! It's my cat, Pandora, a rescued Maine Coon that I've had for several years now.

    Anon: Yes! Lost Souls is one of my favorite cafes and hangout spots in DTLA. The architecture and urban scale of the Historic Core make DTLA one of my favorite areas in the city. For an urban love, it's about as good as it gets here in LA. Also, just curious, how did you find my blog?


    Great pics. Where are the pics taken that look like a school/park area? I don't recognize the area.