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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Below is a picture of a hamburger from Five Guys, which is something like the Washington DC version of In-N-Out. Quite good, too. In fact, when it comes to them vs. INO, it's no contest. INO's one saving grace are their delicious milkshakes, of which, sadly, doesn't exist over at Five Guys. Other than that, the burgers on average are not only meatier (well, anything's a step up from the wafer-thin patties at INO), but come with a wider variety of toppings and better French fries -- including perfectly seasoned Cajun ones -- and free peanuts. At this point, it's kind of a no-brainer, with my only gripe being that their 2 (!) suburban locations don't suffice for a city the size and caliber of LA:

A few houses showcasing the eclectic, rich architectural diversity from my well-hidden section of town.

If there's one style of architecture where LA reigns king, it's the Spanish and Mission Revival styles from the 1920s. They are everywhere, and in the literal sense, too. In fact, I'd say that a plurality of the houses and apartments here might just belong to that style. In the years to come, I see this becoming synonymous with the city and its image abroad (along with perhaps Dingbats and Mid-Century Modern houses):

And lastly, my favorite non-panadería bakery: La Maison du Pain. The Chocolate-almond croissants and cinnamon rolls are especially good and worth trying. Neighborhood-bias aside, this place is one of the better bakeries in town, and can definitely hang with the best. That's for sure:

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    Can't wait to try out these places! :)


    this post was solid. i love eclectic pictures of homes. how much was that five guys meal? that burger + fries in nyc = 14$


    Excellent Blog, great ideas for pictures. You have a pretty unique style, I really think you did a great job.


    five guys man, love em, luckily it's a midwest thing so theres one in madison, but def there were more in la it would be a no brainer for most poeple


    Much thanks, all. Your comments are so very much appreciated.

    ruth: Hey, be my guest. I certainly have more than a few places to recommend.

    alec: Yeah, man. It's like $5.00, tops. I usually just get a cup of water, though..I'd imagine that has a little something to do with keeping the price down.

    ricky: Yo, thanks!

    anon: I thought it was a big hit over in the DMC (DC-Maryland-Virginia) region, but, hey, you learn something new everyday! Here's to hoping they'll expand throughout the city!


    Cool blog.