The Face of The City

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello readers,

Firstly, my apologies once again for the real dearth of posts as of late. I’ve been plenty busy taking photos, exploring and intermingling with The City, the built urban environment and most importantly, its locals. And as further exploration, both on and below the surface will effortlessly reveal, Los Angeles is truly a, if not the city of immigrants.

In my spare time, I’ve explored many locales over the course of the past few weeks, some new and some old. However, present in all of locales, is a similar trend, one that unifies and gives them a common grounding. This trend I speak of is the almost ubiquitous presence and domination of and by the immigrants, and the working class demographic associated with them In LA anyways, I’ve found that for the most part, the two are broadly interchangeable, and are more or less variables, accompanying each other. Unlike in other cities, such as Boston or San Francisco, which by contrast are boutique cities and have already cemented their image, LA by contrast is messy, uncouth and constantly evolving. I mean, the LA of 25 or even 50 years ago is a drastically different beast from the LA as of current. Present at the helm of this continually evolving state, and having been for some time, lies the working class population, a population that has pretty much come to define Los Angeles. That reminds me, Los Angeles IS a banana republic and anybody who thinks otherwise is in denial. The trappings are everywhere, but perhaps none is more telling than the stark class and wealth differences present. I mean; to put things into context we’re talking a city, which by American standards has no real middle class to speak of, yet single handedly has more billionaires than all of Europe.

Now, this isn’t the end of this topic or subject, but is merely the introduction, the tip of the iceberg; I’ll be exploring and looking more into this over the course of the weeks to follow. Without further adieu, allow me to properly showcase the main, defining ingredient of this city, its strong proletariat base:

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