South Central

Saturday, March 14, 2009

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    Is this what you do waste all your time taking pictures of runed down areas of L.A. pathetic. Why do you do this you only focus on the bad sides of L.A. Every city has it's bad sides New York, Chicago, Miami, and the funny thing is the bad sides there look worse than L.A. bad sides. Really why do you do this. Your just giving people false information and showing pictures of areas that are so small that look bad. You know what I am not falling for it. Your just showing L.A. through your biased view. Yep I am ratting you out. All you do is go to bad areas in L.A. and take these random pictures of blight and act like thats all to L.A. when it's not. You have some serious issues that you need to work out.



    I live in L.A.
    In fact, this is what it's like.
    I am sorry, but the only false information is the bullshit you just spat out.

    Have a nice day! ^_^


    You're both right.
    To be honest though, many people have to go through these sorts of places to get anywhere nice.
    Unlike places like Boston or San Francisco, Los Angeles has such poor public transportation. No one can get where they need to in a reasonable amount of time on a bus or the limited rail system.
    We need to step up our game and get knock some sense into these poor class, trashy people from the Southside.