Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today I visited the ubiquitously hipster district that is Silverlake. Known as LA's answer to Williamsburg, the neighborhood is home to a seemingly endless supply of hipster-related businesses; the obligatory overpriced coffee houses and thrift shop emporiums, "ethnic" food eats by the boatload, and of course, the "art" galleries. The aforementioned nabe ingredients blend together to create a unique, artsy, do it yourself vibe not found in many LA nabes.

SL is part of what I call the "Hipster Nexus", a stretch of neighborhoods along Sunset Blvd east of Vermont. Along with Echo Park and Los Feliz, the neighborhoods are related in the sense not only that they border each other, but were/are mainly Hispanic (+ Armenian for Los Feliz) with vaneers of alternative culture present.

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