The Echo Park Minute

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I went to what is one of my favorite LA neighborhoods, Echo Park.

Situated between Hollywood and Downtown, the neighborhood offers IMO, what is the perfect synthesis of old and new. You have old time Hispanics (though that's somewhat as there is a continued stream of Hispanic immigrants to the area) and recent Hipster arrivals duke it out, creating a hybrid culture unseen in many LA nabes -- all in a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Posh boutiques, coffee shops and dog grooming salons pitted against taco trucks, panaderias, carnicerias and fruit stands? Yup. That's why I love it. Multifaceted, unpredictable, polyglot, nonconforming? So LA.

Seriously, EP has alot going for it. Its close proximity to Downtown, Hollywood, Los Feliz , Pasadena and Silverlake, redeeming built environment qualities that facilitate easy bohemian and urban living, budding culinary/gastronomic scenes, a rich, cultured history steeped in tradition and lastly, the rather blunt gritty veneer all illustrate its why I'm a fan.

If in the area, check out Coffee Pot:
Like all bohemian nabes in LA, EP has a deep appreciation for the arts, made evident in the many, many murals in the area. The artist responsible for the ubiquitious Obama Obey stickers lives here.
American Apparel started out here.

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