Berlin: late fall/early winter

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Graefestraße. Kreuzkölln (see what I did there?)
Licht. Graefestraße.
The wall plaque in the background states: "Here lived the antifascist Gustav Schiefelbein."
Beautiful, almost un-Berlin like, balcony decorations and ornaments. Planufer Straße. 
Brick overload.
Kiez life in Prenzlauer Berg.
Saturday morning breakfast. Home.
Latté. The Barn.
A rainy day along Karl-Marx-Allee.
Pho time!
A Tempelhof sunset.
Doomsday. Litchenberg.
A rainbow emblazoned across the otherwise bleak facade of a Litchenberg plattenbau.
Dereliction. Litchenberg.
Green curry dinner. Home.
A typical November day. Winter is gradually making its presence felt.

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