Portland, continued

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bicycle parking signs outside of Powell's, the world's largest bookstore. Pearl District
A man and his out-of-breath companion. Morrison Street Bridge.
A tattooed cashier at the Fred Meyer store on SE Hawthorne and 39th Ave. Very "Come As You Are," IMO.
The minimalist interior of the Downtown location of Stumptown Coffee.
A NW 23rd Ave-bound streetcar. Pearl District.
Mr. 420, with his grandchildren. Old Town.
A contemporary residence somewhere near Alberta St., in NE Portland.
Green space. NW Portland.
The Moroccan hash breakfast. Tasty and Sons.
Banana/Blueberry smoothie with almond milk. Pearl District.
New infill. Belmont.
More infill. Pearl District.
A charming, obscured pre-war residence near Mt. Tabor Park.
Seth. Tin Shed Café. Alberta.
A rare sight: a black person in Portland, America's largest majority-white city.

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