Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011. Contemporary architecture in Hollywood and West Hollywood:


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    okay so I cant even begin to describe the greatness of your work.

    I don't know how you do it but you are able to capture the absolute essence and being of all of the people that you capture and at the same time have them represent the very city in which they live. I mean. It's brilliant work man.

    Then there are your inescapable words that never leave my mind that portray and evoke the very rhythm and rhymes that the places in which you write about represent. It's just so great.

    I wish that I could do the work you do, you're brave and daring, and yet your work is eloquent and musical almsot, the words and images harmonize to create a beautiful symphony that captures the moments and expiernces you had in everyplace.

    I was just looking at these last images and was just so amazed at the way your able to influence your own eye into the architecture and people you are so interested in. It's rare. and very ...just pure talent.

    So bravo to you Mr.Wells. may you keep on going forever more.

    : ) I'll be reading.


    Your work is absolutely amazing and your are incredibly talented! I admire your passion and dedication for photography. Cant wait to see what's next!!!


    Forgot to mention in the previous comment how amazing your book is!