CicLAvía volunteering and misc.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The first couple of photos are from Boyle Heights, where I volunteered on behalf of the city, and went from door-to-door, letting locals know about LA's new CicLAvía and future street closures. Though hiking around the urban jungle that is LA's (real) Eastside, in 90F temperatures was no fun, overall, it was for a legitimate cause, - one worthy of my help - thus, it was a Saturday afternoon well-spent.

Events such as CicLAvía, will hopefully get people out of their cars and off of their couches, heralding in a new era of safer streets for everybody, but also serving to shed light on much-needed expanded cyclists' rights. In general, city projects like this represent cost-effective investments in healthier, more active lifestyles, especially in neighborhoods where such are currently lacking, or are present, but in diminutive quantities.

Now, the rest is a bit taken on various occasions - most notably Ian from Chicago's visit to LA, along with portraits from various social outings with friends.

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