Lima II

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now that some time has passed since my trip to Peru, my impressions have been allowed to crystallize into long-term opinions. That brings a positive development, admittedly one contrary to my initial expectations, and most people’s (of whom instantly write it off) in general: Lima’s cool. Although, to be sure, at times the place can have you feeling down and even wanting to leave. Fast forward to the present: now, and with no reservations, I can say assure that Lima, in all its loveable kitschy nature is, surprisingly enough, a gem in and of itself, and more importantly, is a place I now regard with particular fondness.

Before actually going there, many a friend told me that staying was a waste of time, citing cliché stereotypes – and other, oversimplified generalizations about complex, multifaceted problems such as crime and poverty – as reasons to avoid the place. Rightfully so, the city’s incredible culinary scene or architectural patrimony were always left out of such conversations. Boy, were they wrong, though.

With my photos and accompanying photos serving to remind me, I have arrived with the take-home view that Lima’s unique cocktail of inescapable mystery and, for better or worse, obscurity, along with a sometimes less-than-friendly history and the misfortunes it wrought upon the city, lend it an air of gritty romanticism. And an undying civic pride held by friendly locals ensures you don’t get too bent out of shape potentially feeling sad about the place, helps exponentially. En fin, a barren 3rd world “hellhole,” wholly devoid of interest or reason to visit, it is not.

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    From the great pictures you've been posting, I would definitely think Lima is worth a visit!


    Yes! But only if it were that simple. I hate to generalize, but most Americans, even in light of seeing such photos, would probably still write Lima off (and surely would prior to seeing any photos). Whatever, though; their loss.

    Anyways, good to see you here! I've been a fan of your blog and, of course, your postings over at LA Eastside for quite some time now.

    Oh, and I read about FOX 11 using your photos without permission; what ever ended up happening? I'm curious to know..


    We wrote them an email, of course they never replied. Some people suggested I go after them, but its not who I am and I don't want to waste my little bit of free time with something as miserable as getting lawyers,etc. Maybe I'll go download one of their lame shows and put it on my site! Hahaha!

    BTW, how did you learn to take such great pics? I barely know how to use my camera, I'm wondering if I should take a class or pick up a book.


    Your pictures are amazing! That picture with the colorful townhouses (I don't know a better term) is stunning.