Monday, June 28, 2010

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    gimme some o dat pho


    Staff, the next time you come to LA - whenever that may be - I'll be sure to take you there!


    So do you think the Hollywood W is the only W in the chain with ads plastered on it? I think maybe.

    Stay classy, LA.


    Well, honestly, I don't know how classy you expect anything at Hollywood and Vine to be, but yes, I agree with you.

    Sadly, alot of the time, expectations seem to be lowered and class or sophistication seems to be thrown out of the window all together when it comes to developments in LA (just look at how the new RITZ CARLTON hotel was molested by advertisements).

    Sometimes I feel that this is due to the fact that, as a city, we sometimes have trouble separating and distinguishing the fun/kitschy aspects of life from those that are more serious and mature and nature.


    Point taken about Hollywood and Vine. I guess I was speaking more to the W brand, which usually sticks their name on pretty classy places.

    The ads on the Ritz are the worst. The tower (which I quite like) is pretty much spoiled by that giant ad for Bud Light on the bottom. Nothing says "I've sold out completely" like putting an ad up that's not just for beer, but the worst-of-the-worst trashy watery beer.

    Interesting insight on LA kitch...perhaps you are right. Although the vibe in the historic core downtown is much more mature and unspoiled by the typical LA cheese.