this sunday afternoon

Monday, May 17, 2010

05/16/10: Went for a stroll in the relatively overlooked areas lying just to the west of Downtown LA. Got a few nice pics of dilapidated Craftsman bungalows until I stumbled upon a shady house spilling out with Salvadorean gangbangers, clad in tan-colored Dickies and many barechested and sporting bold-lettered tattoos. Following that, it was back to DTLA I went.

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    Great pics as always Devan.

    Be careful out there though...MS13 don't mess around. Haven't you ever seen Sin Nombre?


    The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward! And yes, I have seen Sin Nombre; wonderful - if saddening - film. One of my favorite Spanish-language films, along with Che, Nueve Reinas, Y tu mamá también, etc.

    If you liked that, I think you should definitely check out "Mi Vida Loca"