Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prior to my arrival here, many people, on the heels of media trumped-up isolated instances or examples of racism, attempted to redirect me to another Latin American country – basically anywhere but Argentina. Now, I’m sure such racism and xenophobia exists (as it does in all places), but to blanket a wide-ranging population, both from social standings and groupings, but also economical/financial backgrounds, seems to be, well, kind of unfair. This is in a place where, most, if not all of the people I’ve met have been extremely kind and giving to me, often times going out of their way to things for me. In fact, I’ve “only” had one incident with anybody, and that was a snobby norteña lashing out at my camera pointed in her direction. Everybody else has been quite generous in extending their wonderful, big-city, porteño hospitality to me; mind you, this applies every single one I’ve met.

The people who are the friendliest to me, however, have been the lovely members of the porteña ranks. Thanks to them, there isn’t a place I go where I am not continuously showered with, adoration, affection and joy, and am the subject of much curiosity and intrigue. Based on my experiences and interactions, I’ve found them to be a rather lovely bunch that are very affectionate, attentive and well, feminine bunch – a stark contrast from back home, where it seems like every woman tries her best to stray away from traditional feminine traits. And to be honest, towards the end of my trip, I am still in a state of general shock and disbelief at how such a high percentage of the population can be good looking! It’s like I’ve been shipped to a different planet, one where people actually care and are conscious about their looks and image. Though, perhaps being accustomed to a pool of women where the majority are overweight, obese, not into guys, and/or just plain unattractive/undesirable, may have taken a toll on my expectations, lol. I’m serious! At least 7/10 of the girls I bump into here are above-average, and that’s being liberal with the estimates! Of course, that’s not even taking into account some places, like Palermo Soho, where unattractive women seemingly altogether cease to exist.

As if that’s not enough, the women, for a person like me anyways, are approachable (!), easy to charm, woo and forge relationships with. Smiling, a little foreigner-accented Spanish and a well-placed joke will almost guarantee you a girl for the taking. Though, in all seriousness any special treatment or especially warm receptions I receive are a result of my outward kindness and charming personality – and not because of something as superficial as my skin color – as a human, there’s a certain enjoyment and gratification one gets from all of the said attention. That said, I definitely appreciate and welcome such special treatment, and of course have no problem being the recipient of it.

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    hehehe... us porteñOs are better though... :P


    You lucky kid!

    We porteños always say "las argentinas son las mas lindas del mundo" but to be fair, I suspect that the inhabitants of many places have similar opinions regarding their own girls - having external validation for our claims is nice, ja ja.

    By the way, if you continue praising our city like that, I think the BA Tourism Secretary will have to pay you for your promotion services!! :)


    I told you about the kindness of our people, that is one of the things you miss the most when you leave the country or when you travel abroad. I'm really happy for you, my friend. I'm glad you're having such a great time and making friends all over BsAs!!!
    As Antonio said, you should get paid for your promotion services by the argentine government!!
    Un beso y cuidate mucho!!!
    Claudia Gibson


    Argentinian girls are gorgeous, totally agree with that.

    I'm glad that you like our people, our city and specially our food (i love our food)

    We will be waiting for you, if you come back again, it was nice to meet you!

    I'll send you a message if i visit LA anytime, i would love to :P


    aha! pretty girls!! i gotta save to go there then!! jeje...


    Pleaaaze , stop bashing your fellow Americans! your opinion on American women is gross, I'm not a US citizen myself, but it makes me sad that you have such a low self-esteem, your adoration of the Latin people is...excessive (Iknow what I'm talking about, being , as a Frenchman, kind of "Latin" myself..)


    Thanks, everybody -- you, too, Mr. Anonymous


    As an argentine that I am, I'm very pleased you liked Buenos Aires so much. All along your posts I can say you did a very accurate summary of its neighbourhoods, people and food. It caught my attention that you mention many buildings on demolition. I hadn't payed attention to that but I guess you are right.
    Your pictures are really great. Congrats!