The City of 98 Cent Stores

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ahh..with summer nearing, heralding in what is probably Our City’s best asset: summer, I couldn’t be happier.

>Aside from the sometimes oppressive rays from the sun, there really couldn’t be a better time to be in my fair city. Literally, there’s so much going on; I’m talking one can’t even walk a few blocks without seeing an advertisement for a beach bonfire, house party or some get-together or sorts, or even better, being invited to one. Same applies for the ubiquitous Southern California BBQ, whose aroma can be found (or smelled!) wafting out of backyards, balconies, patios, and green spaces throughout the city. Now, of course, no entry or mention about summer in Los Angeles is complete or total without even a mention of the plentiful supply good-looking women, all donning their summer-best outfits and bods. That and the sheer amount of general positivity and good vibes that just seem to spill out onto the streets, are good enough reasons for Angelinos like myself to be in a festive mood right about now.

Now, for some photos that are anything but "sunny"..haha

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