The Boyle Heights Interlude

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I finally ventured out to Boyle Heights, a cachet of the sprawling East LA umbrella. . Marred by gangs, freeways and blight, I had no clue what kept me from venturing out there for the longest..was it the distance? the lingering senseless gang violence ? the perceived lack of things to do, or see, or photograph? Perhaps it was all 3.

After having finally paid a visit, I can say all of the aforementioned were dispelled, debunked and forever relegated to the trash heap of silly pre-conceived notions.

This is the
real LA. Home of the taco trucks, fruit carts, check cashing places, 99 cent stores, gangbangers, illegal immigrants, immigrants, mariachi bands and smog. Notably stripped of pretention, this is the back-stage Los Angeles, you know...the one previously seen only by ordinary citizens.

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    Beautiful. Boyle Heights sits perched at the absolute cusp of that East LA mass. I love this part of the city. It makes me feel like a kid again..