bienvenidos a los bahamas

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In The Bahamas for the rest of the summer...........

The Bahamas most people identify with, the glitzy, glamorous life lived by only the expat elite.
Scenic unspoiled, virgin Rose Island.
The hilarious, animated, rambo-esque Uncle Wayne
A cluttered marina, filled to the brim with expats and foreigners capitalizing and cozying in the strikingly beautiful islands of The Bahamas.
A lone tattered Bahamian flag waves,no doubt a reflection of the poor state of the Caribbean island nation. Despite rampant ignorance and lack of vision, Bahamians are fluid with national pride.

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    I liked the blog, but Long island is not majority white, and that rasta man is not white. I suspect you think Abaco is majority white too? Abaco got more black people than white people. Its probably about 65% black 35% white in Abaco.