So, I made a book..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

For anybody who has been a fan of my blog and/or my photos, please do considering giving my first-ever book, The Backstage Los Angeles, a look!

The Backstage Los Angeles is the culmination of 3 years worth of photographing both the lesser-known and appreciated parts of the city. Extensive coverage and attention is afforded to both the neighborhoods as well as the people who make this diverse city lively, vibrant, and unpredictable. Avant-garde architecture, quirky character studies, multiculturalism, and everyday, unpretentious street life are, among others, subjects depicted in the book.

The book is a whole 120-pages, containing 120+ of my most visually striking and thought-provoking photos, in all of their highest-resolution glory. Every page is printed using durable heavy lustre paper, of which will give every image a hint of gloss. Dust jackets and a 20% off promo code (easy, just insert "PROMO" at checkout) are also available. Perfect holiday gift for the city or photography lover!

As a college student, I am banking on the success of this book to finance two relatively expensive hobbies: camera upgrades and future traveling endeavors. This stuff is not cheap and, to be frank, it adds up. Such expensive hobbies may or may not always be economically feasible, or available; at least not without financial support from my many, generous, readers. Please do keep that in mind!


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Yesterday in South Central

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Las calles están mirando

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