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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

dayhopping on the Metro

Sunday, October 12, 2008

On the heels of a Jewish holiday (Yom Kippur), myself and a few friends (Hannah, Kevin and Seth) made the semi-lengthy trek to Pasadena, (a journey inclusive of the relatively new Metro Gold Line) a charming, white collar satellite city located Northeast of Los Angeles proper.

In addition to visiting the Old Town Pasadena district, colloquially called Paseo, we visited its younger, quainter ,more welcoming sister: South Pasadena. The place itself is a throwback, a trip within a trip; well manicured wooden buildings, lush foliage and quiet, intimate storefronts studded with age-old coffee shops, ice cream parlors and cozy cafes characterize South Pasadena. The aforementioned give it somewhat unique status in the Los Angeles region, for it's ambiance is more akin to a small Western town, than that or a burgeoning metropolis (only San Dimas really comes close, then again my SGV travels have been rather limited)

Part 1: catching the "flagship' Metro Rapid bus along Wilshire to the Wiltern Metro station. That bus is a joke. If you move the wrong way, or get jostled en route, you risk falling down. Worse, the person next to you had a bad night, and might start a fight with you over trivialities.

OK, we finally get to there, unfazed at the normal commute which is stressful in its own right.

The Wiltern Theatre. Seriously, this is the only successful application of the merger of 2 street names that actually sounds decent (Wilshire and Western).

To ensure a safe journey, I made sure everybody was decked out with day passes.

This lady sells kufis (hand knitted hats) at the Metro station. A very nice lady, she always compliments my dreadlocks, LOL.

A plethora of people getting off the Metro Red Line-this isn't rush hour either; Metro has profited handsomely in a world dictated by soaring gas prices

My only photo of Union Station. It's more of a connecting hub than a photo place, eh..

Some of the local architecture, it's worth noting Old Town Pasadena has a rather vast (impressive, too.) selection of art deco buildings.

Castle Green

Now, onto the 2nd leg of our journey: South Pasadena, courtesy the new Breda LRVs (light rail vehicle).
We later went to Buster's, which by all means, is the quintessential South Pasadena ice cream shop. Doling out grade A ice cream, pastries, coffee and other baked goods, this place should be a no brainer for anybody in the area.
.The banana split I got (well, me and Kevin split it). Homemade ice cream of Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate varieties
Afterwards, we went to the Farmer's Market. I loved it! So bohemian! So natural! Not too mention the selection of food, goods, people, etc was hydra-headed to say the least.
The cornhusker
make me banana pancakes..
SethJoel the Hipster.
Hannah Banana
Our ride home! While plenty of negatives can be said about Metro (dire delays, "colorful" characters on board, you never fully know where you're going, etc), it sure is a great way to humanize the city.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008