Ethiopian New Year's

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday was the parade commemorating Ethiopian New Year's in nearby Little Ethiopia.

In case you didn't know, the Little Ethiopia section of LA refers to a stretch of Fairfax Blvd between Olympic and Pico Blvds (a non-hipster gentrifying area nestled between Miracle Mile & Carthay Circle), and is seen as the cornerstone of the local Ethiopian population & the shops/boutiques that cater to them (think: yummy Ethiopian food places and Rastafarian-eccentric vendors hawking tri-colored beanies).

Despite the Little Ethiopia name bestowed on the area by the city, the area is typical of many ethnic hoods in LA that are polyglot in nature, such as Koreatown (3/4ths Hispanic) and Little Tokyo (mainly white hipsters)... many of it's inhabitants are young whites and a more established black population.

& Like many of it's Miracle Mile neighbors (Carthay, Wilshire Vista, etc), it is characterized by a large Spanish Revival housing stock.

Overall, Little Ethiopia is another cute, electic nabe with culture and vibrance on the cheap-and lots of pride to boot.

Despite a troubled history marked by intense warfare, famine and poverty, the Ethiopian flag flies high and fluid with pride here.
Jah Rastafari. Long before dreadlocks became a fashion staple in indie,intellectual and rasta circles, they were a mainstay of African men.Homes
CircusKing of all kings, lions of all lions, international field marshal, genera, the almighty Haile Selassie
Religious paraphernalia. Having been one of 2 African nations to escape a livelihood of bondage, repression and bastardization thru colonization, Ethiopians have a damn good reason to be proud of their culture.Selassie
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008